The following two Unitopia songs were written by Sean Timms & Mark Trueack, and appeared on compilation albums released by Marco Bernard (The Samurai of Prog) and are long out of print. However, both were included on CD3 as extras on Unitopia’s 2017 album More Than A Dream – The Dream Complete. Here are both of them for your listening pleasure.

Day 6 Tale 9

One of the greatest and least played Unitopia tracks is the epic 20 minute ‘Day 6 Tale 9’ taken from CD4 of Decameron II (2014)

“Yes, I think Sean and I love this track and it deserves to be heard.” – Mark Trueack

Day 6 Tale 9 was previously available only on the massive four CD set comprising 34 bands and over four hours of music put together by Marco Bernard, based on the 100 tales written by Giovanni Boccaccio between 1350-1353 during the time of the Black Plague.

Liner Notes: “A group of young men bother the poet Guido Cavalcanti while he is in a graveyard. The poet fights back saying that as they are home they can say whatever they want. One of them understands that Cavalcanti has insulted them by comparing them to the dead as they are ignorant and dull.”

– Mark Trueack – vocals
– Sean Timms – keyboards, vocals
– Matt Williams – guitars, bass, vocals
– David Hopgood – drums
– Tim Irrgang – percussion

Special Guest:
– Steve Unruh – violins, flute

The Outsider

The Outsider (11:49) appeared on CD3 of the compilation sampler: The Stories Of H.P. Lovecraft: A SyNphonic Collection (2012).

Amazon Music (Editorial Review)

THE STORIES OF H.P. LOVECRAFT is an inspired and exciting musical journey through “weird fiction” as explored by twenty modern Progressive rock bands from around the globe! Each participating band chose a different novel, and then composed a musical piece based on, or inspired by, the story. These weird tales proved to be a fantastic launching pad for the bands’ imaginations, as this project contains track after track of fantastic and creative Progressive rock. The bands and compositions are quite diverse, spanning many countries and Progressive rock styles.


Mark Trueack – vocals, backing vocals
Sean Timms – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, engineer
David Hopgood – drums
Matt Williams – guitar, bass guitar
Daniel Burgess – saxophone
Trace Tucker – backing vocals

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