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UNITOPIA (yu-nih-to-pi-E): meaning living together as one in a place of ideal perfection especially in law, government and social conditions.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Unitopia endeavours to draw from the heart and soul of the listener thought provoking topics such as environmental awareness, political and social upheaval and the hectic pace of life and human relationships in a positive and uplifting light. Using progressive themes as a framework, Unitopia’s music includes elements of world, classical, jazz, heavy rock, and groove.


Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack

From Adelaide, Unitopia Co-founder Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack is an integral part of the process, not only as a world class vocalist, innovative songwriter, creative co-producer and morale booster, but as a relentless driving force behind everything that Unitopia has achieved thus far.

Sean Timms

Sean Timms is a stalwart of the Adelaide music scene. He is co-founder and the lead song-writer, producer and keyboard player with successful Progressive Rock band Unitopia and now performs with such groups as Southern Empire and Lather.

Steve Unruh

Steve Unruh is a Rhode Island-based multi-instrumentalist and singer, able to switch deftly from violin to flute to guitar while playing percussion and singing throughout. Aptly known as the “Swiss Army Knife of prog”, Steve has released nine solo albums…

John Greenwood

Professor Dr John Greenwood AM originated from Manchester, UK where he grew up, schooled and studied medicine at the University. Finishing his training in Plastic Surgery, he and his family emigrated to Adelaide where he became director of the Adult Burns Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Alphonso Johnson

Alphonso Johnson is an iconic musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose contributions with the electric bass set the landscape of music to come. As Weather Report’s bassist, Johnson’s warm tone and fluent chops contributed to the band’s initial breakout from avant-garde into funk…

Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson is a renowned drummer/percussionist, highly regarded for his ability to move seamlessly between multiple genres. Thompson’s known best for his work with Genesis and Phil Collins, with whom he shared the worldwide stage, as well as time in the studio, for over 30 years.


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