Covered Mirror (2012)
Covered-Mirror-cover 1500x1500
Release Info
Unitopia - Covered Mirror Vol 1 Smooth As Silk

Released: 2012
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock
Bonus Track

2 thoughts on “Covered Mirror (2012)

  1. Hi there, Rob Hulzinga here from Europe, the Netherlands.

    I have a question about the song “Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes”. At the very beginning of this so g there’s two people talking, a man (i think a cop, and a woman). It sounds like a movie scene to me. I’m curious to know from which movie this sample comes from.
    It’s a very good song and well played by Unitopia.


  2. Hello Rob, from a youtube comment, I’ve learned that the dialogue was sampled from 1935 movie “The 39 Steps”

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