7 Chambers – Video Premiere



4 thoughts on “7 Chambers – Video Premiere

  1. MANIA is a Very Catchy Tune , it’s good to hear some good old Unitopia style tunes again, with Mark ( true’y ) Truack’s Vocals ,, love the guitar, love the Violin,, with all the Kaos in this World, Unitopia will put you in the right Place , with lots of Mello and Dulcet Tones to Swaddle you back into stroking your Cat again on your favourite Couch with the ambiance of “PPPpppuuuuuuurrrrr” and maybe – Fect.

  2. Unitopia has made some very fine pieces of music. I listen your albums regularly. This perfect mix of progressive and metal. The voice of Mark fits to it like Jon Anderson fitted to the music of Yes.

    This first new album bite feels good. And an interesting theme..

    I can’t wait for this album to come out and for Unitopia coming to Heerlen (NL) again to play live.

  3. The “new” Unitopia caught me by surprise but what a pleasant surprise!
    I have all their albums plus UPF and Southern Empire output and admire their work greatly. News of a new album in not just welcome but fervently anticipated.
    Thanks to all involved in making this happen.

    1. Hi Colin – the new Unitopia lineup includes Chester Thompson and Alphonso Johnson (‘the Powerhouse Rhythm Section’). Chester & Alphonso are also guesting on the new album from United Progressive Fraternity, Planetary Overload – Part 2: Hope.

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