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3 thoughts on “Media and Reviews

  1. Hello Unitopia people,

    (German below)

    Professor Progresso here. I would very much like to have an interview with members of Unitopia on We the 13th Sep. at Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. It would be COLOSSAL if you could make this possible for us!

    Best regards,

    Robert “Prof Progresso” Thomason of
    Professor Progresso’s Rock Theatre on Radio Darmstadt
    Mobile: 0163-7388900
    Email: bobazeeba@yahoo.de

    Hallo großartige Unitopia Leut!

    Professor Progresso hier. Ich würde sehr gerne am Mittw. den 13.09. ein Interview mit Mitgliedern von Unitopia führen. Könnten Sie diese Nachricht bitte an den Tourmanager der Band weiterleiten? Es wäre KOLOSSAL, wenn Sie dies für uns organisieren könnten!

  2. Hello Utopia, I would like to thank you for the great concert in the Colos Hall Aschaffenburg. Thank you for your great music, thank you for always finding your way to Germany. It was a great concert and I’m happy to have been there…Frank

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